For those stalwart cooks whose true culinary passion lies in grilling, the summer is a splendid opportunity to make signature dishes on the home grill. After you’ve hosted the July 4th barbecue for a couple of years you may grow restless of the constant steaks and hotdogs. There’s much more to a grill than a juicy burger. Impress your family and dazzle your coworkers with these innovative grilling ideas that will have everyone at your next backyard bash singing your praises.

Clams are a terrific seafood entrée to grill this summer and shake things up. Even veteran grill connoisseurs tend to avoid shellfish, but clams on the grill are succulent, tender, and popping with flavor. To prepare, place the clams in a bucket of cold water and cornmeal to naturally remove any stray sand. Dry the shells, cover with olive oil, and throw them on the grill for three minutes for delicious and easy-to-make appetizers or snacks.

You can also grill staple summer meals traditionally prepared another way. Try firing up the grill next time you want to make cheesy, zesty quesadillas. Cover one side of the tortilla with oil and place the tortilla with the oiled side on the grill. Spread the toppings (cheese, beans, meat, etc) on the tortilla, and then wait for the cheese to start melting and the tortilla to begin to turn brown. Fold the tortilla over to seal up the quesadilla, and serve immediately.

Though it may seem bizarre at first, grilling avocado is actually a delectable way to enjoy everyone’s favorite burrito and Subway sandwich topping. Cut an avocado in half, remove the seed, and cover in olive oil. Grill with the cut side down for seven minutes, and then top with salsa. Grilling avocado and serving it with chips is a great way to provide grazing food while you prepare the main course.

Grilling doesn’t always have to be a dinner or lunch affair. Show off to your honey and make them breakfast on the grill. French toast is relatively straightforward and completely scrumptious. Soak squares of bread (along the crust) in an egg batter, and then place them on a skewer. Grill on medium heat for two minutes per side and you’re ready for syrup and sugar! Try out these unique grill ideas and enjoy them all summer long.