When it comes to the summer fashion statement, few choices crank up the cool factor while being as comfortable as slip-ons. In the last couple of years slip-ons have come into their own in the fashion world, and have received sleek, fashion-forward upgrades from several leading brands. For men and women alike, investing in a pair of slip-ons for the summer is affordable and culture-conscious. Here’s a rundown of our favorite slip-ons this season.

For men:

Native Venice’s breathable and shock-absorbent slip-on makes for a great introductory slip-on shoe. It’s incredibly tough, affordable, and available in a variety of sleek colors. As an added perk, it utilizes recycled ingredients, making it a slip-on shoe with a low carbon footprint.

The upper of the Seevees Baja slip on shoe are woven with vintage-wash linen to keep a firm structure while being incredibly comfortable for your feet. These surfer wear-inspired slip-ons are perfect for any occasion, whether it be volleyball on the beach or a private dinner party downtown. The antibacterial footbed helps keep your feet free from infection as you roam about on the sandy beach.

Few slip-ons look as effortlessly “chill” as a good pair of Soludos Smoking Slipper Prints. These slip-ons have a completely cotton upper for unparalleled comfort, and are lined with a layer of twill. The tropical indigo blue design effortlessly evokes a summer fun mentality.

For women:

Slip-ons don’t get as irresistibly fun as a Tory Burch Miles sneaker. The punch-perforated leather adds a surprising yet welcoming feel to a slip-on shoe, and the punchy designs and vibrant colors work well with a multitude of summer outfits.

We all know Prada makes top-quality garments, and their slip-ons are no exception. Their black-and-white floral-print Linea Rossa slip-ons feature a hibiscus printed canvas upper, and a rounder toe for added breathability. Plus, how refreshing to say, “it’s Prada,” about something as casual as a slip-on shoe?

It may be marketed as a skate shoe, but the Preston Woven sneaker from Vince boasts a sporty appeal and an eye-catching woven leather design. The taupe color gives the slip-on a shimmering luxe look, and is the perfect chic option for a summer dinner party.

Mix style with comfort this summer season: slip into some sensational slip-ons and be the fashion conversation starter.