It’s 2015. In the professional world, early is on time, on time is pushing it, and showing up late is as good as fired. You don’t have time, quite literally, for missteps when climbing the ladder and making a name for yourself. Follow these tips to shave time off of your morning routine and confidently walk through the office door without a trace of anxiety or mania.

First, prioritize your evening and eliminate any steps that don’t need to take place in the morning. You’re going to work tomorrow? Great. Choose your suit, shirt, and tie tonight fellas. Ladies, you can pick your favorite printed dress or your best skirt and dress shirt combo. While you’re at it, if you have time to eat on your commute, go ahead and pack a breakfast. Sticking with cold food (like fruits, yogurts, bagels) will make preparation considerably smooth. Ten minutes in the evening saves you a frazzled effort in the kitchen tomorrow.

Cut out what isn’t necessary. You don’t need to shower every day. Though this sounds distinctly European, it’s quite true. Showering every 2 days reduces your body’s oil excretions and naturally makes your skin glow. Not to mention it saves time and water. If you’re worried about your hair, don’t be. Dry shampoo is your greatest ally: run a dollop through the roots of your hair to add volume to limp bed hair. For guys, invest in some firm-hold matte paste hair product and go for the intentional bed-head look. Especially with shorter cuts, this look is more daring and is perceived as more powerful in the corporate world.

What else can you forgo in the morning? Coffee. It takes time to make, and the sugar and caffeine, while they provide an energy jolt, will make you jittery and distracted when you start work. Stick with some natural energy pills from UPTIME or pack a sugar free energy drink to go. Energy drinks that supplement your body’s natural energy help increase focus and clarity during those important morning hours.

Finally, if you have something truly important you have to do or remember that’s out of the ordinary, write it down the night before. Better yet, put a reminder with an alarm in your phone for anything you need to do or prepare. This frees you of the burden of remembering, so you can get a better night of sleep and spring into action when your alarm rings. Follow these guidelines for a swift morning routine and ample time to make it to the office.