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The Best L.A. Boutique Gyms

Living in Los Angeles means being in great shape isn’t a priority – it’s a necessity. Finding time to go to the gym is enough of a professional juggling challenge, so when you’re trimming fat and toning muscle you want the best amenities and programs at your disposal. Sometimes, chain gyms simply lack the specialization needed for your workout or the cleanliness and personalization you expect with a heftier monthly fee. If you’re tired of your chain gym, try out any of these top-notch L.A. boutique gyms.


Best Places to Get a Drink During Your Layover

When you rack up the frequent flyer miles regularly going to conferences and meeting clients around the globe, you will inevitably face the dreaded layover (marooning) that accompanies the airport lifestyle. However, layovers aren’t a reason to tense up and lose your edge. Stay cool and loosen up by grabbing a drink at a world-class bar.


How to Wear Heels Comfortably

Heels elongate your frame, providing instant power and swagger to your gait as you dance and prance the night away.


Ways to Look Great When You’re Running Late

Whether you’ve become too friendly with the snooze button or simply been out on the town well into the twilight hours of morning, occasionally you’ll have fifteen or twenty minutes to go from rolling-out-of-bed to strutting-in-style.


Tips for Transitioning from Work to Play

We’re all aware of the pitfalls of hitting the nearest happy hour or social call after work – oftentimes, our office chic simply doesn’t translate into glamorous diva or hunk of the night. You don’t need to lug an entire makeup kit, wardrobe, or beard trimmer around in your car – we have foolproof ways to add swagger to your step as you head straight from work to a memorable night on the town.


4 Juices That Will Energize You (And Your Taste Buds)

Energy production in your body is a delicate balance that requires a wide assortment of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and proteins to provide a reinvigorating boost and sustainable strength.


Calm, Cool, Collected: Mastering Stress in a Hectic World

This isn’t your father’s world – the one constant in today’s daily grind is change.


The Evolution of the Desk — Sitting, Standing, & Treadmill

Studies continue to pour out that the traditional workweek, and the ball-and-chain sitting desk that accompanies it, is slowly killing us.


Tips and Tricks for Desk Job Relief

Remaining healthy, stress-free, and all-around sane at the office is vital for both job performance and overall happiness. Don’t fall victim to the daily grind – follow these tips to ensure optimal performance while feeling relived, refreshed, and ready for anything.


How to Survive the Mid-Day Slump

The mid-day afternoon slump is the silent office killer that can sabotage your swagger and throw you off your game.