When you feel wiped out after a full day in the office, it can be mighty tempting to take a load off, flip on the TV, and coast into a mental oblivion in the safety of your living room sofa. But most of us have passion projects to tackle or obligations to handle after the 9-to-5. How do you go from wincing and exhausted to working and enthused? Here are the best ways to stay productive after work and combat that workday fatigue.

One of the most important goals is to stay in work mode. Often, the lure of your bed or couch or of the snacks in the kitchen becomes too great, and suddenly you’re out for the count. If you know that walking through the front door will inevitably spell the end of your productivity, simply don’t go home right away. Set up camp in a coffee shop or in a chain like Panera that offers free Wi-Fi and decently healthy meals. Set a milestone for your project (whether it be a word count or a slide minimum) before you leave.

If you’re working on a big personal project most evenings after work, the biggest issue will be maintaining a substantial level of energy throughout the week. Regular exercise is the best way to keep your endorphins up consistently. You don’t have to deadlift or run five miles every day – even a half-hour workout four or five times a week is enough to keep your body’s energy processing in peak condition.

Regardless of how much time you allot and how much dedication you show, occasionally you’ll settle in to your home office chair and start to nod off while plugging away at your desk. An extra boost can make all the difference after a grueling day at work. Taking a couple of healthy energy pills on your way home can keep you focused. When your stamina seems to waver try a sugar free energy drink. UPTIME’s energy drinks work on naturally boosting your energy and clarity so you can continue to make consistent strides without hitting any speed bumps.

Perhaps most importantly, choose projects (or classes or activities) that you’re truly passionate about. If you constantly allow Netflix or a box of pizza win out over what you have planned, examine what you truly want to accomplish. Is this project ultimately important to you? Working on projects you really love, and taking the steps to make time for them, is the key to accomplishing what you want and staying productive after work.