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Slip-Ons: Shoes for the Summer

When it comes to the summer fashion statement, few choices crank up the cool factor while being as comfortable as slip-ons. In the last couple of years slip-ons have come into their own in the fashion world, and have received sleek, fashion-forward upgrades from several leading brands. For men and women alike, investing in a pair of slip-ons for the summer is affordable and culture-conscious. Here’s a rundown of our favorite slip-ons this season.


The Best Workout Gear

Fitness gear and exercise technology goes far beyond barbells and treadmills. The gym is a great place to do any basic workout, but for niche exercises and personalized results the modern fitness aficionado needs complementary gear to get the most of their daily exercise. We’re breaking down the best modern fitness gear on the market so you can invest wisely.


How to Pick the Right Suit

The suit makes the man. Buying a suave suit that fits your body perfectly increases your office swagger and your overall confidence exponentially. Purchasing a perfect suit requires forethought, expertise, and patience. The adage goes that it’s better to have one amazing suit than ten lackluster ones, so when you go in to buy a suit get it right the first time. Follow these tips to ensure you pick the right suit for you.


How to Wear Heels Comfortably

Heels elongate your frame, providing instant power and swagger to your gait as you dance and prance the night away.


Ways to Look Great When You’re Running Late

Whether you’ve become too friendly with the snooze button or simply been out on the town well into the twilight hours of morning, occasionally you’ll have fifteen or twenty minutes to go from rolling-out-of-bed to strutting-in-style.


Tips for Transitioning from Work to Play

We’re all aware of the pitfalls of hitting the nearest happy hour or social call after work – oftentimes, our office chic simply doesn’t translate into glamorous diva or hunk of the night. You don’t need to lug an entire makeup kit, wardrobe, or beard trimmer around in your car – we have foolproof ways to add swagger to your step as you head straight from work to a memorable night on the town.


The Modern Man’s Work Wardrobe

The modern man’s wardrobe has streamlined. It’s simple. It’s neutral. But it’s sophisticated.

The secret to perfecting the work wardrobe is investing in quality and fit for the core pieces you need, and slowly accessorizing from there.