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4 Ways to Improve Cognitive Function

As we inevitably get older, there comes a nagging feeling that our IQ may be wavering and our cognitive abilities may not be as sharp as they once were. And unfortunately, this is true in a way: the brain is a muscle as well as an organ, and must be exercised regularly in the right methods to remain at peak performance. What are the best ways to crank up the brain juice and improve overall cognitive function? Glad you asked.

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How to Be Productive After Work

When you feel wiped out after a full day in the office, it can be mighty tempting to take a load off, flip on the TV, and coast into a mental oblivion in the safety of your living room sofa. But most of us have passion projects to tackle or obligations to handle after the 9-to-5. How do you go from wincing and exhausted to working and enthused? Here are the best ways to stay productive after work and combat that workday fatigue.


How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

In an ever-competitive corporate climate, many of us fall victim to the increasing grind in a bid to come out on top and get that promotion or finish that project. While climbing the ladder and accomplishing your dreams sounds great on paper, what’s the use if you’re always exhausted, your family is neglected, and you feel unsatisfied with life in general? If you’re always working, you’ll die without enjoying the important moments. Here are the best ways to quickly improve that delicate work-life balance.

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What to Eat Before & After a Workout

When optimizing your body to get that lean or muscle-bound look you want, don’t merely focus on your workout. Yes, you should constantly be switching up your exercises, reps, and muscle group focus, but if you don’t provide your body with the raw materials for success you can’t expect a glimmering six-pack, even with your daily crunches. Ingesting the right kinds of proteins, carbohydrates, and mineral-infused foods before and after a workout is vital to any exercise regimen.


Herbs for Memory & the Brain

Overall brain health isn’t something we actively preoccupy ourselves with during the mad dash of life. But why shouldn’t we? A sharp, alert mind is vital to success in professional and personal spheres. Your mind is like a muscle that you should exercise regularly. Boost your natural brainpower and give yourself an edge for success with these natural herbs.

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The Best L.A. Boutique Gyms

Living in Los Angeles means being in great shape isn’t a priority – it’s a necessity. Finding time to go to the gym is enough of a professional juggling challenge, so when you’re trimming fat and toning muscle you want the best amenities and programs at your disposal. Sometimes, chain gyms simply lack the specialization needed for your workout or the cleanliness and personalization you expect with a heftier monthly fee. If you’re tired of your chain gym, try out any of these top-notch L.A. boutique gyms.


4 Juices That Will Energize You (And Your Taste Buds)

Energy production in your body is a delicate balance that requires a wide assortment of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and proteins to provide a reinvigorating boost and sustainable strength.


Calm, Cool, Collected: Mastering Stress in a Hectic World

This isn’t your father’s world – the one constant in today’s daily grind is change.


The Evolution of the Desk — Sitting, Standing, & Treadmill

Studies continue to pour out that the traditional workweek, and the ball-and-chain sitting desk that accompanies it, is slowly killing us.